Raymax Tubular Battery

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Tubular BatteriesTubular

Raymax Tubular Batteries have rugged with lead plates to ensure that every battery performs flawlessly under frequent and long power outages. Our tubular plate technology seals the active material in polyester gauntlets, or tubes to prevent it from shedding to ensure an uninterruptible power supply.
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Super charged performance

Taking seamless key performance indicators.

High back-up performance

Engage fully tested process improvement platforms.

Excellent overcharge resistance

Uses best in class overcharge protection

Minimum Maintenance

Made from superior quality raw materials

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Raymax Power is a powerful and trustworthy brand with a wide range of innovative products in the power backup, home electrical and residential solar that covers, inverters Batteries, Solar solutions, and much more to every power requirement to residential and commercial needs.

  • Guaranteed longer life and higher power output
  • Higher backups
  • Minimal plate failures
  • Requiring lesser topping-up frequency
  • Better thermal management


Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the tail.


Nanotechnology immersion will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.


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Raymax is always interested in new, challenging and exciting technologies

So, why not contact us and send us your power requirements, and we’ll do the rest!